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Religious Services

  Monday – Thursday           7:00

  Friday                   7:00 and 18:00

  Saturday                               7:00

  Sunday                 8:30 and 10:00
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Opening hours

  Monday – Saturday  9:00 – 16:40

  Sunday                   12:00 – 16:40


Important institutions

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Visiting Guide


Instructions for visitors:

  1. Visitors/tourists must respect the character of the cathedral, other visitors/tourists and the faithful in the cathedral.
  2. All men are obliged to take off their hats prior to entering the church.
  3. While in the cathedral it is not allowed to speak loudly, sit on the floor, touch the inventory, smoke, use the telephone, eat, drink and preform any other activities that are in disagreement with this church area.
  4. It is possible to take photographs in the cathedral without flashlight and without a tripod.
  5. Visitors/tourists cannot block the passage of the cathedral and must maintain the direction of the tour.
  6. The cathedral is closed to visitors/tourists during the time of religious services.
  7. Visitors/tourists of the cathedral must adhere to the instructions of the responsible employees of the visiting area.

Instructions for Guides:

  1. All guides perform their activity respecting the character of the cathedral, other visitors and the faithful.
  2. Prior to the beginning of the tour all guides inform their groups, in a suitable way, about the behaviour rules (men enter the cathedral without hats on their heads) and about the visiting guide of the Prague Castle (particularly adhering to no-smoking, not touching the walls and any objects, keeping quiet, not eating or drinking, not littering, not using telephones, not sitting on the ground in the cathedral, etc.)
  3. All guides must maintain the direction, order and continuity of the tour.
  4. A professional presentation of the cathedral can be given only by authorized guides in accordance with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic and EU, and the guides must provide their authorization (trade licence, work agreement, etc.) upon request. Pilgrimage groups announced in advance may be exempted from this.
  5. A professional presentation is given in a suitable place with respect to the visitor traffic and professional ethics. A presentation will not be given at the entry to a designated area, behind the entry, in narrowed areas and in the passage around the grave of St John of Nepomuk.
  6. The recommended maximum size of a group is 40 people.
  7. It is not allowed to use devices for voice amplifying and to disturb other visitors with an inappropriate presentation.
  8. All guides must abide the instructions of the responsible employees of the visiting area.
  9. All guides are required to observe the security of the interior and fittings of the cathedral and to adhere to the fire and safety regulations.
  10. It is prohibited to guide in the cathedral during religious services.